A Black Horse & a White


The objects in my home that I love the most are my two little horses – one black, one white.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been entranced by horses. I like to keep these little horse shaped totems close, for to me horses symbolise freedom and are very much my means of escapism.

They also remind me of my mothers country – India. The two carved statues are both Marwari horses – a very unique breed of horse from India (you can tell by their lyre shaped ears!)
The first horse – the white horse – was brought back to me from Rajasthan by my favourite aunt when I was around four years old. It’s made of camel bone, and though it only has one eye and a bit of the metal has bent off, I still think it’s incredibly elegant.
The second horse – the black horse – is a simpler wooden and brass carving, bought for me in Matheran by my mother a few years later. It’s more unassuming but for some reason it has always been my favourite of the two! Matheran is a beautiful and tiny hill station near Mumbai where everyone gets around on horseback. When I look at the carving, it reminds me of the thick green forests, the red dirt tracks and the charming toy train that make up that little known garden of Eden.
I always thought that one day if I ever get married, I’ll give the white horse to my husband. After all, in India the groom must have a white horse!


With some slightly bigger horses…

(My entry to the British Gas History of Home competition)

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