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Tbilisi: City of Sculpture

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Picasso said that 'sculpture is the art of the intelligence'. I do not know exactly what he meant when he spoke these words, but sculpture certainly titillates my mind in a way that traditional canvas based art does not. The people of Tbilisi must also feel the same, as this incredible city is filled with ...

The Vienna Secession Building: To every Age its Art, to every Art its Freedom

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The Secession Building, or Wiener Secessionsgebäude, was built in 1897 as an architectural manifesto for the Vienna Secession. The Secession was a movement of rebel artists who split from the fine art traditions that were the norm of the time. Ever since I saw a photo of the golden dome on this Art Nouveau, or Jugendstil building, I ...

Québec City, T’es ben chix: 10 Reasons to Visit

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Québec City or Ville de Québec is one of the most charming, and arguably overlooked cities in Canada. Though year after year it tops the 'best places to visit in Canada' lists, it's still relatively unknown in the UK. The 400-year-old historic city sitting on the banks of the St. Lawrence River blends old-world sensibility (cobbled streets, colonial ...

Beijing’s Top 5 Trendiest Spots

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It's been 10 years since I last visited the immense city of Beijing, and in that short time the city has changed beyond recognition. All eyes are now looking East to China, for economics, for global leadership, and even for a stance on climate change. Despite being a world leading capital, Beijing is still uncompromisingly ...

10 Reasons to Visit Margate

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Margate is without a doubt the trendiest seaside town at the moment, what with the renovation of Dreamland - the quintessential British amusement park - among other unique attractions. To me, it will always be Turner's retreat, his bolt hole, his inspiration. He fell in love with the sea, the skies, the light. So as I ...

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