Brazilian Gourmet – a Little Spot of Sunshine & Happiness

unnamed-8Since I moved to my new office by Great Portland Street, I’ve been on the hunt for good places for lunch. If you’re willing to walk a little bit, it’s actually a pretty good location. Roti King at Euston Station for authentic Malaysian food, Oriental Dragon for a Chinese kick, Rasa Express for delicious mango lassi, and, possibly my favourite at the moment – Brazilian Gourmet.

The thing I like best about this place is the atmosphere, everyone’s so friendly! The owner (who is there every day) has taken the time to make it an exciting and eclectic space – from the tin can lamps to the mismatched tables. It also feels warm and inviting – just how I imagine Brazil to be!


You can sit inside or out (although beware – if you sit outside you’ll be unable to resist the desserts that stare out at you from the window!) I find it so hard to find places with outdoor tables in London – but for the few days we have sunshine it makes all the difference.

Brazilian Gourmet changes it’s menu every day so make sure to check out the Facebook page where they post the menu daily. The hot meals range from pork ribs, to stuffed butternut squash, salt cod, vegetarian pancakes, stroganoff, feijoada – the list goes on. I love that the menu changes as it gives me a chance to keep trying new dishes, although I usually spend a good 15 mins in a panic trying to decide what to get!


The hot dishes are served with 2 sides from: rice, Brazilian beans (the beans are so delicious!), steamed vegetables and green salad. They always serve the food with farofa de pão at the centre – essentially just breadcrumbs but a key element of the meal both for taste and texture!


They also have a selection of savoury pastries including the famous coxinhas – shredded chicken with dough, mashed potato, a dash of tomato sauce and parsley – these are surprisingly filling so I wouldn’t recommend getting more than one at a time! Coxinha means ‘little thigh’ in Portuguese and it is said the reason for this is that the son of Princess Isabelle of Brazil only liked eating chicken thighs. One day the cook didn’t have any thighs so shredded the rest of the chicken and moulded it with dough into the appearance of a thigh, hence their unusual shape!


As well as savoury food, Brazilian Gourmet also does incredible fresh fruit juices (some of the fruit on the menu I’ve never even heard of before, such a hog plums) and desserts.

photo (13)

A lot of the desserts feature condensed milk or dulce de leche which in my opinion are the two best sweet ingredients on the planet!

My favourite was the corno com doce de leite – a deep fried pastry filled with dulce de leche, probably not the healthiest thing to eat, but definitely worth every calorie!


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  • Olivier
    September 1, 2014

    Aaahh I just want to go back now!!! Great article Sarah 🙂

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