The world’s best omelette

Waking up to this is one of the biggest benefits of seeing someone who loves to cook and who really cares about being the perfect host.Omlette

Whisk the eggs with salt and pour the mixture into a pan over a low heat. Let the egg solidify a bit before placing the toppings on otherwise they will sink to the bottom. He used mushrooms, ham, mozzarella and chopped chillies as that’s all we had in the fridge but you can put whatever you want on! Once you have added the toppings, transfer the whole pan to the oven and grill for 5 minutes or so until the top is browned.

Garnished with a piece of basil and cracked black pepper. Honestly the best omelette I have ever had!


Breakfast was followed by a jog around Black Heath – huffing and puffing up hills, windmilling down, chasing after husky puppies then a little training session and down to Greenwich for food and icecream! The Black Vanilla gelateria does an amazing range of flavours – I tried some Turkish delight but the lemon meringue was also delicious.


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