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In a dark and sweaty  room
Our man succumbed to a woman’s stare.
And the smell of her perfume.

Their zodiac signs were far too alike
Yet he couldn’t resist
A tiny kiss
In the fading light

Then from the corner of his eye
He saw his wife cycling around
On a big red bike
He ran after her – straight out the room
Dee – don’t leave,
You’re the only one for me!

She waited till he’d left
Then went back in to see the girl who stood there all alone.

So you’re the tart
Who’s been toying with my husbands heart.

The girl was thrown.

He really does care
Beneath the hard & spiky leaves
Lies a love so sweet
And only your name is found there
On his artichoke heart.

She stood for a while, thinking things through
Then went home after him.
An argument ensued.

If you want us to stay together
We’ll have to move away forever.

Our man
Had his suitcase in one hand
And on his feet were a pair of armadillo shoes.

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