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The sprawling mess of Camden Market is like a dragon’s den piled high with towers of fool’s gold with just a handful of real gold nuggets hidden within. The main task is to sift through and find those golden stalls that make the effort all worthwhile!

My favourite place in Camden market used to be Nepali Kitchen, a litte stall serving amazing puris and absolutely delicious potato curry and pickle. Unfortunately it disappeared from one day to the next. I haven’t given up hope of finding it again, but while searching I stumbled across another jewel of Camden Market: Cupcakes & Shhht.

Despite the really bizarre name (I honestly don’t get it at all, maybe I’m not cool enough), this place does absolutely delicious tablet! Tablet originally hails from Scotland and is a bit like fudge – sweet and creamy (made with sugar and condensed milk) however the texture is harder and more granular. I personally much prefer it to fudge and could eat giant slabs of it daily. Until now, I have been saved by not knowing anywhere in London to buy this sugary catnip but I’m sure I’ll soon be hurrying back to Camden to restock!

They also sell cookies, which were ok but in my opinion the tablet is the star of the show and should perhaps feature in a new name!

If you follow them on twitter (@CupcakesnShhht) or like them on Facebook, you will receive 50g free with any purchase!


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