The Painted Streets of Melbourne

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The best of Melbourne is found down it’s small, dark side streets. Whether you’re looking for delicious food, a perfect coffee, a trendy cafe or a cooperative bar that sends all it’s profits the third world, it’s down these little lanes that you’ll strike gold. The same can be said for street art and one of the most famous lanes is Hosier Lane (near Flinders Station and Federation Square). The paintings are ever changing: the old ones are shed like the skin of a snake to make way for brighter colours, fresh creativity and leave space for new artists to showcase their work. A visit to Melbourne wouldn’t be complete without a walk down this lane, but you’ll find painted murals around every corner, often in the last place you’d expect to look. The bright colours and thought provoking paintings bring the city to life!


James P Sullivan (Sully) from Monsters Inc.


Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.


A hermit crab and an odd blue creature. I wish they’d continued the creature to make it ride the crab!


This girl reminded me a little of an amazing Melbourne singer we saw performing on the street – Tash Sultana






I’m not sure what the message with these two were, but I loved the colours and the style of the paintings.


If you’re visting Melbourne, make sure to wander down every lane you can, there are hidden worlds down each and every one!


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