El Vaquero

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Alcampeando por el desierto Sobre un caballo sin nombre Negro. Indio. Apache Donde esta tu apachita? La dejo Soñando en falsas promesas. Un palomito vuela al cielo, Israel Alma del hijo no nacido, Ninguna esperanza de la tierra prometida. En el desierto hay un arbol Con una sola manzana El lo desea. Lo come, Y se va Dejando el arbol yerma. Encuentra un caballo Palomino Tumbado en la arena. Levanta la cabeza Sube Palomino! Pero el caballo no ...


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Today I’m feeling blue, Blue like the endless sea And it’s more than just a hue It’s a wave of salty tears Threatening to burst free; It’s the Octopus Who wrapped his tentacles around my heart … and squeezed. It’s the forest of kelp I’m lost within Wrapped tight round my ankles No one to ask for help. Trapped in seaweed manacles, Drowning in blue. I love the ...

Dream Me

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There are two of me in this life. I'm one from day to night, And then another from dark to light. We have different whims: Love different people Ache for different things. Sometimes, I wish for the other me to disappear, But mostly I'm happy for her to stay near.

The Creature with Eyes of Blue

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Beyond the green, green grass and hills, Beyond the great white walls of chalk, There dwells a lonesome creature who Has searing eyes of pale, pale blue. Beware! The creature with eyes of icy air. Take heed! Of the creature marred with hopeless need. The creature with pale, pale blue eyes Its feet on the ground, its head in the skies. Slowly it wanders, runs and ...


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In a dark and sweaty  room Our man succumbed to a woman's stare. And the smell of her perfume. Their zodiac signs were far too alike Yet he couldn't resist A tiny kiss Stolen In the fading light Then from the corner of his eye He saw his wife cycling around On a big red bike He ran after her - straight out the room Dee - ...

Kalaallit Nunaat

Days roll and break: A surge of dreariness That leaves no wake But today I’ve crashed headlong Into an island in the sea. I’ve fallen, mesmerised Into my computer screen. To a magical white place I’ve been spirited away Where a fingerless sea goddess Once ruled the waves I’m flying across the ice With a pack of wild beasts. Hungry yellow eyes; Guttural howls and haunting cries A chorus of ...