Down the Rabbit Hole

You chased the rabbit down the hole,
Left me outside all alone…
Picked up a bottle of potion
And drank away each and every emotion.

But truth be told
It’s not that great in Wonderland…
How can I make you understand?
The streets aren’t paved with gold.

Your body and soul must shrink
To enter through the tiny door
To a place where love treads no more:
The only hearts are drawn in ink.

You can’t trust what you see:
The locked door probably has no key,
A looking glass is a gate to another land
Where your cider might be mixed with sand.

You’re looking for a life that’s fair
But the courts are full of kangaroos –
You’ll never win, you’ll always lose,
Living a life of mad despair.

Hookah might seem like a good escape
But for every puff you’ll have to pay:
Too many smoke rings will make you choke
I tell you, dream sticks aren’t a joke.

You need to come back to the light,
Trust that I can fight our fight,
And maybe you’ll discover
That I can be your Alice and your lover.

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