Love Anchor

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Threw an anchor out to sea And snagged it on a rock. No matter how hard I try , I just can't seem to break it free, It's well and truly stuck. It lies there now, beating away, Beating hard and loud and strong: In an underwater world Touched only by whale song. Ever so slowly, day by day, This ship drifts closer Following its heart ...

The Rain

Dew clings to the grass at Saratoga Springs. Everything seems to slow down, The track has turned green from brown. The dark coat is lathered in sweat Spattered everywhere with foamy flecks Giant nostrils flaring As they gulp down icy air. Lungs are heaving: The only sound's the heavy breathing. After a run on the course Steam rolls off the tired horse: Gets lost in the ...


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A carcass hangs from the ceilingRed flesh wet with life;Tenderised by punches.The bunched muscles flex,Sinews jumping.I want to rub my body up against you:Bathe in the foul scent of blood.Purring. Sated.It vanishes,Leaving behind a little boy.With dimples.


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Sirens - Walking in meadows starred with flowers. I fell for your sad songs. Bittersweet Lured my travelling soul To shipwreck on your rocky coast. In meadows softly starred Feeding on my fleshy heart - I only sought to soothe your pain. This time I think i'll pass you by. And even though you stole my life, I hope the fates wont let you die.

Come Away With Me

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Come away with me and I will write you a story. You may not want it, it may not do you any good But it's all I have to offer As we stand together in this wood. The other path calls out your name It may well take you to fortune and fame But I'll place my heart within your story. So ...

Ode to Lana Del Rey

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Throne of skulls pins the star spangled banner down. Faded, patched up, it shivers. And maggots crawl between the bones. The melody of guns and death hangs like a backdrop to the scene. She sits on the throne, trailing her hand across the carnage. Then stands up and walks off, singing, still singing. A songbird, soaked in blood.

A Hundred Years

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She was sleeping for a hundred years, till he came and woke her from her dreams. Such a young little girl to have to meet the faithless world. He thought he saved her when he cut away the briars and thorns. But really he unveiled her, leaving the Rose all on her own. Did he have to wake her ...

Portrait of the Artist

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Doing time in isolation Confined to a gilded cell. Lots of time for self examination But what I see don't sit too well. Every friendship I touch is tainted with lust. Every thing that I love seems to turn into dust. I hang my head and cry. Perhaps it's best That I stay locked up by myself, Whispering to the empty sky.

Down the Rabbit Hole

You chased the rabbit down the hole, Left me outside all alone… Picked up a bottle of potion And drank away each and every emotion. But truth be told It’s not that great in Wonderland… How can I make you understand? The streets aren’t paved with gold. Your body and soul must shrink To enter through the tiny door To a place where love treads ...