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Oh my darling, you left me bereft –
With nothing but my all consuming love for you,
And dreams of what could have been:

A little girl with rust coloured hair
The same shade as yours;
And big brown eyes like the dark earth.
She’s called Alma – my soul.
And even though she loves her mommy,
She loves you just that little bit more.
When you take her to play tennis, her eyes are filled with adoration.
You’re everything she wants to be – her hero.
She runs to you and as you scoop her into your arms
I feel like I cannot possibly have more love in my heart.

But dearest there’s another child – she has your eyes:
They change from caramel to green to grey like a mood stone,
And her hair is dark like mine.
I hold her hand and she watches you, hoping with all her tiny heart
That one day she will be able to hold a racquet too.

Every night you make love to me over and over;
And it only gets better because each day I love you even more.
We’ll grow old together darling,
Watch out daughters live their own lives.
But we’ll always have each other, in a rambling ranch.
A horse outside whickers, and the earth it pounds is red.

We’re home.

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