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All that Jazz in New Orleans

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New Orleans is synonymous with jazz: it's a city that has musical notes as its pulse, pounding and pulsating through your body wherever you go. No matter where you are in The Big Easy you'll hear the music. Whether it's right in front of you and you're tapping your feet, nodding your head, then suddenly dancing in ...

The Household Cavalry Museum

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London is filled with museums that beg for a tourists attention, but few in my opinion are quite as immersed in living tradition and regimental finery as the Household Cavalry Museum. This little pocket of history, tucked away on the Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall, is an absolute must visit for anyone who is interested ...

The Cotswolds Distillery

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I spent the past weekend cycling in the Cotswolds, a slightly harebrained scheme, considering how hilly the English countryside is. The pain of peddling up all those hills was completely made up for though by the destination: The Cotswolds Distillery. This idyllically situated distillery is one of the few in the UK, where Mary and Janice, ...

23 Reasons to Visit New Orleans – Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler!

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1) The mules look better than you The city is filled with mule drawn carriages, not only have I never seen such strong and tall mules (the donkeys must be bred with Clydesdales), but I've never seen such beautifully dressed up equines. From unicorn horns to wings and glittery hooves, they're dashingly designed. 2) You can finally ...

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