Rainbow Trout Party

Today was my second time cycling in central London and my first time cycling on such main roads – (Strand, Waterloo Bridge). I could save so much money on transport if I cycled into work and I do really enjoy it but I really could not be a cyclist in London. Without someone to follow I’d be all over the place. I get so distracted by the views and pretty buildings and forget that other, bigger, scarier vehicles are on the road. I should probably wear a helmet too – we both should.

We stopped off at the new Waitrose in Greenwich to check it out. The original plan was to make mushroom ravioli… although we’ve made noodles and tagliatelle together, we hadnever made ravioli before so felt like a bit of an adventure. However I’m so unused to seeing a fresh fish counter in a supermarket that when I saw it I got very excited! We had a little look and noticed that the rainbow trout were reduced – so we ordered one. It came to – you won’t believe it – 28p! For a whole fish! So we asked to have the remaining three too and revised our dinner plans to fish and pasta with a spicy tomato sauce.
Baked Rainbow Trout with Spicy Tomato Tagliatelle and Garlic Bread
Wash the fish. I like the keep the head, tail and fins on personally – it gives it more flavour, but you can fillet it if you want. Rub garlic all over the skin and on the inside then place a bunch of parsely, chopped garlic and a lemon quarter inside and squeeze a little lemon on it. Then put it in the oven.
I’m afraid I don’t have the recipe for the tagliatelle as I am never involved in that part – however apparently adding semolina flour makes the pasta firmer and silkier. It is beautiful to watch flour, water and eggs magically transform into fresly cut pasta in front of your eyes!
I fried some garlic, chopped chillies and mushrooms in a pan, added some simple tomato passata and let it simmer for 10 minutes. In the meantime I sliced a baguette open, spread butter along the slices and then sprinkled finely chopped garlic and some sea salt and placed it in the oven.
When the tagliatelle was cooked, I mixed it in with the tomato sauce and tore some fresh parseley over.
We originally planned to make some hummous to stave of the hunger until dinner was ready. I had bought some pomegranate seeds to add to the hummous (it makes the perfect combination) but somebody had bought uncooked chickpeas and didn’t realise that they needed to be soaked and cooked (not just soaked)!
The meal was amazing – one of the best, although I do say that about every meal we eat together! There are few people who would be as excited as I was about 28p fish and the best part was that there was one whole fish left over!

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