Beany Green @ Regent’s Place

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Attention all those who work near Regents’ Place! A new café had opened next to the Sainsbury’s and it’s really rather good!

You’ll be unconsciously drawn to the bountiful bunches of fresh roses and the vivid colours that adorn the outside. As you get closer, your curiosity will be piqued by the bunches of green bananas on the tables outside, hopefully enough so to wander in.

Well done – you made the right choice.


Inside you’ll find bowls heaped high with healthy and delicious looking salads, falafel, hummus, soups, sweets and coffee.

I ordered the carrot, chilli and ginger soup – and it was the best soup (that I hadn’t made myself) for quite some time! Really fresh and clean flavours. The soup is usually served with bread but as they had run out I was offered a complimentary side salad. I picked the mushroom, lemon and pancetta salad which was exquisite. Lovely light and zesty flavours of lemon and thyme mixed with really good quality and different varieties of mushroom.


Afterwards we ordered a slice of homemade banana bread. The really friendly waiter recommended that we opt to get it toasted, which I’d never heard of before but it really works! It wasn’t as moist as your run of the mill banana bread but it was so tasty, with chunks of banana inside!


We were inspired by the banana themed decor to order the banana bread but they actually do a number of other desserts including rocky road, almond and apricot balls, lemon polenta cake and.. Australian lamingtons. I have no idea what a lamington is – but I will definitely be back soon to find out!


Tip: when you order a coffee you get a slice of banana bread for FREE!



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